Your Tree of Life

Do you know what your life's mission is? And where are you at in life?

Your Tree of Life will answer these questions and also bring more information about your material and spiritual life.

Rafael L. Carlesso has been studying for over 14 years the origin and the meaning of the symbols that unite spirituality with the earth.

And with the union of the illustration of the Tree of Life and the written interpretation of it, he has already helped more than one thousand three hundred people around the world to find their way to a lighter, more spiritual and prosperous life in all senses.

"I believe that by doing the Tree of Life, you will have more clarity to live with purpose and take better care of yourself, either spiritually or during your material life here on earth."

Rafael Leonardo Carlesso

You are one click away from understanding what is inside and outside of you, and one step away from unlocking your full material and spiritual potential.

What will you get when you purchase your Tree of Life?

1. The illustration of your Tree of Life (in a high resolution digital file*).
2. A white T-shirt with your Tree of Life
2.1. Ecobag with your Tree of Life
3. The written interpretation of it with the analysis of all the points it brings (in PDF), you will be able to access the information below:
– Earth connection: material prosperity.
– Growth: childhood and adolescence traumas that can still interfere with your personal growth.
– Understanding your gifts and defining your life’s purpose.
– Paths you have already walked and what they brought you (good or bad) and the paths you can follow to achieve your dreams and goals.
– Analysis of the environment you are in and whether it is contributing to your growth or whether you need to change some things to unlock and liberate your life.
3.1. Guidance on how to rebalance your energies, learn to deal with traumas, maximize your gifts, realign your life with your purpose, and create an external environment that is conducive to your life.

*The image has sufficient resolution to print on paper, fabric, canvas, etc. with dimensions up to 80 centimeters by 1 meter.

Delivery time

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